COVID-19 Update

Off Lease Motors: In Response To COVID-19

As always, here at Off Lease Motors, we are committed to making your car buying experience as simple, transparent, and enjoyable as possible.  However, now more than ever, during these uncertain and trying times; safety and precaution are paramount to the well being and security of our guests and employees alike.  So, we would just like to pause for a moment to update everyone on the steps that we are taking to keep everyone happy and healthy here at Off Lease Motors.

We are keeping our doors open regular hours in order to provide our customers access to the opportunity to purchase a vehicle in order to provide themselves with private transportation as an alternative option to public transit.  However, in observance of the “10 or less ordinance”, the majority of our staff is encouraged to work from home when possible and we are trying to operate by appointment only in order to limit the foot traffic inside of the building at any given moment in time.  This way, in the interest of hygiene safety, our staff is able to continually sterilize all public spaces, surfaces, and keys/vehicles after each client comes and goes.

We are practicing social distancing.  We’re handshake free, a simple elbow bump or smile and wave will suffice.  Test drives will be conducted individually, the associate will not be able to accompany you inside the vehicle.

To our customers who prefer, we are conducting virtual exhibitions of the vehicles via facetime or similar video chat and to those who need it, we can conduct off-site settlement, where an Off Lease Associate can deliver the car and paperwork to your home for signing.  As always, we continue to offer online financing options to conduct the majority if not the entirety of their purchase remotely.  We also continue to offer free home delivery and our three-day trial/return policy only serves to make the whole process easier for our clients by giving them the breathing room necessary to fully experience the vehicle for themselves in lieu of the ability or opportunity to do so prior to their purchase.

Every day we continue to pray for the well being of our families, friends, and communities.  We are committed to safety, but also to being there for each other in this unprecedented time of need and continual adjustment.  Everything that we CAN do to help one another through this, we WILL.  Even if It’s just helping someone purchase a vehicle for their family, or to get themselves to and from work every day, we do what we can to alleviate the stress and worries of those around us and know that together, we’ll remain strong.  Together, we will make it through this.

Your Off Lease Motors Family!

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